PocketWatch is a Waba program that displays a pocket watch. Since it is written in Waba, it can run on anything from a small device such as a PalmPilot or Windows CE device to a workstation or desktop PC. It can even run as a Java applet right here in your web browser.

To run the PocketWatch program on the PalmPilot or on a Windows CE device, you will need a Waba Virtual Machine.

You can download a WabaVM for either of these devices for free by pressing the button below.

get waba

PocketWatch for the Web

The PocketWatch program can also run right here in your web browser if your web browser supports Java.

If your web browser supports Java, the watch will appear to the right.

PocketWatch for the PalmPilot

To run PocketWatch on the PalmPilot, download this file:

PocketWatch-palm.zip (size: 4K)

and extract the PocketWatch.prc and PocketWatch.pdb files.

Then install them on your PalmPilot using the "PalmPilot Install Tool" program.

PocketWatch for Windows CE

To run PocketWatch on your Windows CE device, download this file:

PocketWatch-wince.zip (size: 3K)

and extract the PocketWatch.lnk and PocketWatch.wrp files.


  1. create a directory "\Program Files\PocketWatch" on your CE device.
  2. copy PocketWatch.wrp into that directory.
  3. copy the PocketWatch.lnk file into "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs".

The PocketWatch program will appear in your Start menu under Programs.