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get small. get waba.

Wabasoft is a California corporation devoted to developing software for small devices around the Waba platform.

Some background:

Small consumer devices are hitting the mainstream, yet software developers have been faced with a slim choice of programming environments.

Previously, programming platforms for small devices were available only in two basic flavors - difficult to use or too large to fit comfortably in small consumer devices.

Platforms developed in the late 80's around non-object oriented and unwieldy programming interfaces are difficult to create, maintain and support.

Stripped down versions of programming environments developed for workstations and PCs are just too big. These programming environments were designed for machines with substantial disk storage and memory not available on small devices.

Wabasoft takes a new approach, a platform designed from the ground up for small devices.

The Waba platform can be used in devices with less than 64K of RAM, yet it is still easy to program and maintain.

Waba programs can be developed quickly and easily using an object-oriented language and simple but powerful code libraries all designed specifically for small devices.

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