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Waba VM ports and VMs with cool features

The WabaVM is a virtual machine that allows you to run Waba programs. The standard 1.0 WabaVM release is available from the Downloads section of the web site.

Here are some WabaVMs ported to other platforms and also some WabaVMs with advanced features such as color support under Palm, support for threads, etc.

Kudos to the authors!

  1. SuperWaba
    Author: Guilherme Campos Hazan (and others)
    SuperWaba was an advanced WabaVM containing lots of new features.

  2. WabaVM for PalmOS w/ Color and Threads
    Author: Isao F. Yamashita
    A WabaVM for PalmOS that supports color and threading.

  3. Newtonian Waba
    Author: Sean Luke and Steve Weyer
    This was a Waba port to the Newton. Rock on Sean!

  4. WabaCE
    Author: Michael Brereton
    The basic WabaVM didn't have a lot of support for CE features. This VM had Win32 extensions and a lot of CE UI support.

  5. Waboy
    Author: Justin Armstrong
    A Waba port to the Gameboy Advance. Spiked with JayOS.

  6. Waba for DOS
    Author: Mohan Embar
    The WabaVM ported to MS-DOS. Mohan dug up his old 386 to do this one!

  7. Waba for TI Calculator
    The WabaVM ported to the TI calculator. And I thought the Palm was a small device.

  8. Waba for the iPaq
    Author: Sanjeev Datla
    A port of Waba to the iPaq (a StrongArm processor based device).

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