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Waba Fun and Games

Have a blast with some Waba fun and games! Do you have one you want to appear here? Send it in!

  1. Suck-O-Meter (new version)
    Author: Mike P
    "I was nervous when I first pointed it at my kitchen chair, but it was such a relief to find out that it Does Not Suck."

    Author: TAKEchi Masashi
    A smile sphere chasing where you tap.

  3. Japanese Calendar
    Author: TAKEchi Masashi
    A Japanese calendar showing the Buddhist calendar, nine-stars horoscope and zodiac signs.

  4. Jump Solitaire
    Author: Neville Bradshaw
    The game of "Jump Solitaire". Includes source code.

  5. Life
    Author: David Linker
    Conway's Game of Life. Includes source code.

  6. TAKE
    Author: TAKEchi Masashi
    A tricky little game. Try to make all the squares white. Includes source code.

  7. Scribble
    Author: Rick Wild
    Make drawings and quick sketches. Source available as part of the WabaSDK.

  8. PocketWatch
    Author: Rick Wild
    Displays a pocket watch showing the current time. Source available as part of the WabaSDK.

  9. Frogs Against The Machine
    Author: Daniel Tauschke
    Slip into the role of a frog, whose only life function consists in the mad idea to hop over a much-traveled road.

  10. Link
    Author: Rob Nielsen
    Link is a two player game which involves each player placing pieces on a board in an attempt to join their two sides before their opponent.

  11. E Cross
    Author: Romain "Java Swinguer!" Guy
    eCross is a mind reflexion game based upon one of the best Game Boy cartridge ever made: Mario's Picross. In eCross, as in Mario's Picross, your goal is to discover hidden pictures by filling in the cells of a grid.

  12. Santa Game
    Author: Paul Ellams
    In the game Santa has broken his leg so he can't ride his sleigh. The elves are drafted in to help deliver presents...

  13. Parski
    Author: Alex Maldonado
    Parski is a game base on the classic board game Othello (TM).

  14. WabaPoker
    Author: Clay Helberg
    Poker, like the video kind.

  15. Countdown, Bagels, Hanoi, Life, Sproing, Jumbo, Crypto
    Author: Steve Weyer
    Lots of games/utilities including turtle, mines, countdown, bagels (mastermind like game), tower of Hanoi and Life.

  16. CoonTown
    Author: Kevin Paterson
    CoonTown is a Raccoon word puzzle logistics game that is fun (and more importantly free!!!)

  17. Worm Game
    Author: Harri Hohteri
    A classic worm game inspired by Snake from Nokia phones.

  18. The Palm Piano
    Author: Josef Sladek
    As the name implies, a piano for the palm.

  19. Bar Code Generator
    Author: Loreno Heer
    Enter the numbers, get the barcode.

  20. 3D Tic Tac Toe
    Author: Brad Grier
    A game of 3D Tic Tac Toe.

  21. 15 Peg Puzzle
    Author: John Cottrell
    A peg game - remove as many pegs from the board as possible.

  22. Roller
    Author: Roger Tawa
    The Roller game (pretty descriptive, huh?).

  23. Squelch and Dice Roller
    Author: Peter Carroll
    Two dice games.

  24. Oscilloscope Fast Fourier Transform
    Author: Ingo Beckmann
    Connects your Palm organizer to a HAMEG oscilloscope via serial line.

  25. Slot 4
    Author: Paul Ellams
    A connect-4 like game.

  26. Dice and Timer
    Author: Johannes Wallroth
    A dice game that rolls dice and a stopwatch timer program. To get them, click on the Java section and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  27. Cobra 2.1
    Author: Paulo Arantes de Azambuja
    A nova versao deste popular Corbra jogo [a new version of the popular Snake game].

  28. Wabatris
    Author: John Tokash
    A tetris-like game.

  29. Mega-Chess
    Author: Armin Costa
    A chess game - requires SuperWaba.

  30. Gratuity
    Author: Andrew Lombardi
    A program to calcuate tips.

  31. SKEY Password Generator
    Author: David Woodman
    A password generator.

  32. WordBox
    Author: Klaus Rindtorff
    Generates random pronounceable words and names based on trigram probabilities. It can be used to generate random passwords and includes databases for a variety of languages. Source code is included.

  33. English-Chinese and Oxford Dictionary
    Author: Thomas To
    English-Chinese and Oxford dictionaries for Windows CE.

  34. Guess
    Author: Michael Winikoff
    A game of mastermind. Includes source code.

  35. Waving Duke
    Author: Dino Morelli
    A "Waving Duke" animation.

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