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"That which does not kill us, makes us stranger."
- Trevor Goodchild, Æon Flux, Thanatophobia
Email addresses:

If you have a support question, please visit our support page for a link to the waba newsgroup that may help provide an answer.

We would ask that you please do not contact us to ask about buying the company or purchasing our hostnames.

The full source code for the WabaVM and SDK is available on this web site. Waba is free. There are no licensing fees or costs for the GNU licensed version. We like making good software that people can use to do neat things. That was the reason behind the development of Waba and we hope you have fun with it.

Waba is available for a number of different platforms. You can use the More VMs link on the left of this page to see the VMs for the different platforms. If you need a VM for a platform not on the list, you can build one from the source code on this web site.

If you still want to try to get a hold of us, you can email us at


where the "XX" is "ba". Have a great day!

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