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Waba Development Tools

Here are some class libraries and tools you can use to develop Waba programs.

Kudos to the authors!

  1. MobileCreator 1.0
    Author: Daniel Tauschke
    An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SuperWaba.

  2. Waba Workbench
    Author: Code Savvy
    Development tools, updates and great general information about Waba.

  3. Visual Waba
    Author: DMIC Logiciels et Service
    A visual development environment for Waba.

  4. Waba Library H
    Author: Herval Freire de A. Júnior
    Waba Platform components collection - a set of useful components such as dialogs, progress bars and other new controls.

  5. Waba Extras 1.0
    Author: Rob Nielsen
    An add-on user-interface toolkit for Waba. Formerly the WabaAWT.

  6. MathFP
    Author: Onno Hommes
    More floating point math functions.

  7. UIGen
    Author: Andreas Bade
    A Waba user-interface generator.

  8. mWaba AWT & Toolkit
    Author: Michael Brereton
    A user-interface toolkit for Windows CE including choices, text areas, lists, scrollers, menus, etc.

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