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"I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel."
- The Black Adder, "Dish and Dishonesty"

From the pen of Rick Wild:

It was a light and sunny day...

and instead of being outside somewhere taking in the sunshine and nice weather, I was in a dark room trying to figure out what I was going to work on next.

Reflecting on my life, I found that much of it had been spent sitting in a chair in an artificially lit room in front of a computer.

And day after day, I found, more peoples' lives were befalling the same fate.

Trapped because the information they need sits chained to a desk.

I put on Steve Martin's comedy album "Let's Get Small"... and then it happened.

I got happy fingers.

They started drawing diagrams. They scribbled away page after page. They dialed the bookstore and spent hundreds of dollars on books. They bought devices and plugged them into my already overloaded computer.

Weeks and weeks went by.

I started getting smaller and smaller.

I dropped about 4 inches in height.

I needed a name for my creation. I looked around for inspiration but all I could find except for my pages of notes was the record.

So, I played it backwards.

"waahhhh bahhhhh"

Invigorated with purpose, my happy fingers starting coding. They coded and tested and coded and tested.

And soon there were more happy fingers. Coding and testing and coding and testing.

And the happy fingers multipled.

Hundreds, then thousands, then millions.

But instead of having to run their programs trapped in an artificially lit room, they could take their programs with them... outside.