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Installing the WabaVM on the PalmPilot:

  1. An "Install Tool" program comes with your Pilot desktop and can be used to install programs on your Pilot. If it isn't on your desktop and you are running Windows 95 or NT, you should be able to find it by clicking the Start button and then clicking "Programs" and then finding "PalmPilot Desktop" and then "PalmPilot Install Tool".

    Start the "PalmPilot Install Tool" program. Under Windows, its main screen looks like the image shown below:

  2. The install tool lets you choose files and install them on the Pilot. There are two files you will need to install and both are in the ZIP file containing the WabaVM. The first is waba.prc and the second is waba.pdb. The first is the WabaVM program itself and the second contains some data files it needs to run.

    In the install tool, choose the waba.prc file (if you are running it under Windows, pick the "Browse..." button and find the waba.prc file) and then press the "Install..." button to actually install it. You must press the "Install..." button after selecting the file or the file will not be installed.

    Pressing the Install button will bring up a dialog that says the file will install the next time you HotSync your pilot. You have the option of installing another file or exiting. Choose the "Install Another File" button.

    Now repeat the process to install the waba.pdb file. First select the waba.pdb file (with the "Browse..." button) and then press "Install..." to install it. You can now press the "Exit" button to complete the installation process.

  3. HotSync your Pilot. This will install the WabaVM on your Pilot.

  4. When you are done, run the Security program on your Pilot. Then press the Applications button to look at the list of installed programs. Switching to the Security program and then back reloads the list of applications displayed.

    You should see the icon for the WabaVM:

    Clicking on the WabaVM application will bring up the welcome screen that displays the version of the VM:

    If you see the welcome screen, the WabaVM is installed correctly.

If you encounter problems:

  1. I don't see the WabaVM application on my Pilot after installing.

    Most likely what happened is you picked the waba.prc file in the installer and did not press the "Install..." button to actually install the file.

  2. The WabaVM comes up with an error that it can't find classes.

    You installed the waba.prc file but did not install the waba.pdb file. Check to make sure you went through the installation process and actually installed the waba.pdb file.

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